Críu is a dream come true. We are Giorgia and Salvo, a couple of planners and designers, we love to travel and learn. We are endlessly curious and never tired of creating and designing.
With Críu we wanted to create a minimal, well-kept, refined and delicate place, which was above all a HOME. A space where architecture, design and genuine Sicilian cuisine meet, surrounded by the natural wonders of the area where it is located: the slopes of Mount Etna.
Críu is what we would like to find in every trip we take. It is the house that we would like to become the reference point for travellers who prefer a relationship with nature and are environmentally aware, who are demanding but at the same time love simplicity.

Our philosophy: architecture and territory

The interior design choices made atCríu Boutique Hotel reflect the continuous research that underpins our way of designing:
"Promoter of an architecture that integrates with the territory on which it operates, and that is first and foremost a vehicle for social regeneration. Aware of the importance that architectural study has on the quality of life, we operate with the aim of triggering a domino effect that leads to a qualitative development of the territory on a large scale".
In fact, we always try to use local and natural materials. Contact with architecture is an experience and the materiality of what composes it, is essential.