Hospitality at Críu Boutique Hotel is all about conviviality and tradition. For those who want to learn more about our culinary traditions, the cooking class of our "traditional Sicilian cook" offers a selection of tasty and fun recipes to learn together, cooking and savouring Mediterranean ingredients and dishes in a relaxed and familiar atmosphere, inside our hotel, in our kitchen.
A gastronomic experience that will provide participants with fresh, wholesome products and a Crìu cookery school apron.
The Crìu cooking experiencebegins with hands-on cooking and ends at the table, accompanied by typical Sicilian wines.

The menu can be agreed in advance for specific needs (allergies, intolerances, gluten free, vegetarian, vegan) or to request a personalized lesson on your favourite Sicilian dish.
The course has a maximum duration of 3 hours including lunch or dinner.
Days of the week: to be agreed.


  1. • The experience takes place in Italian with an interpreter
  2. • Activities are carried out and coordinated by our cook
  3. • Prices do not include any extra requests during the cooking class


My name is Agata Di Fede, born and raised in Sicily, I define myself as a "cuciniera": a lover of Sicilian home cooking, that of our grandmothers. I learnt to cook traditional Sicilian dishes from my grandmother and my mother, and I did it by observing them. Some recipes, as they explained to me, "had to be watched" because the doses depended on many factors, impossible to quantify.
Now, in turn, I too cook "by eye", that is why in my kitchen, with my students, we learn by practice and for them it is always fun, almost a party!
I love to converse in the kitchen, about the ingredients and about my Sicily. I have experienced that cooking with love is also nourishing the soul ,and is culture. This is what I do with my students in the exchange that takes place between very different cultures, which meet in the kitchen with curiosity and joy.